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Village Banking

VillageSavers offers an online automated investment database that helps village banking groups manage their savings.

Market Place

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Payroll System

We provide Small & Medium-Sized Zambian Enterprises (SMEs) with an affordable online payroll system that has additional features like alerts on your statutory submission due dates.

Financial Management

We offer a wide range of tailor made Financial Management tools for Small & Medium-Sized Zambian Enterprises (SMEs) and also Individuals.

Extra Features

We offer you than just financial management tools

Financial Markets

We offer up to date information on various Zambian & International Stock Markets, Government Bonds and Currency Exchange Rates, for free to our users. This is to expose them to current information needed to help them make good & informed investment decisions.

Commodity Prices

We provide daily updates on market prices of various farm produce from all the 10 provinces of Zambia. This information enables our users to know where and at how much to sell their produce.

About Us

This is who we are and what we can do for you.

  • Our Purpose

    We are a Fintech company that is providing innovative tech–based financial management solutions to village banking groups and Small & Medium-Sized Zambian Enterprises (SMEs).

  • Who are we helping?

    We are helping Small scale Zambian investors and businesses manage their finances by providing them with financial management tools, software and applications necessary for their businesses to grow. Like our motto states, we are 'developing together'.

  • Our Digital Online Services

    We provide Village Banking Financial Management Database that help the Village banking groups in Zambia to manage their investments.

    We offer free financial markets data to our customers.

    We provide up to date real time commodity prices for all the 10 provinces of Zambia.

  • Coming Soon!

    VillageSavers' online village-banking tech user training toolkit for registered Groups.

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Our Amazing Team

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Moses Mwansa

Founder, CEO & CTO

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Nzovwa Banda

Founder & Financial Advisor

Margaret Musonda Mwape

Legal Advisor

Joshua Kosamu

Lead Developer & Technical Support

Tsholofelo Mokgoabone

Head Business Development & Country Director - Botswana

Head - Marketing & Sales

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